Sunday, October 7, 2007

What will educational technology do in the future?

It is fascinating to me that we can't live without technology (it is ubiquitous in new cars, appliances, electronics, etc) yet we are still talking about its value in education. Why is that? What is the problem? Why is this a conversation at all... if technology can make things easier, help motivate students, imrove student learning, and add value to what we are doing, why are we even considering this issue as a problem? I think it is more a social/cultural problem within education more than a technology problem. The Horizon Report talks about the technology that will affect the next 5 years and yet most of what they are talking about is already here and having an effect in education, because of the effect on our students (The Sun is up - not over the horizon!).


Eddie Dominguez said...

It seems as if your blog matches closely to a similar thought I have. How is technology and education brought to the masses (educational leaders)? I know that teachers are trained in the use of the products, but, how are leaders being trained in how to implement these technological advances at an administrative level?

Karen Renee said...

I posted the same thoughts about the Horizon reports. I agree wholeheartedly.