Monday, November 5, 2007

The Future.....

I think part of the problem within education is our fear of the future. As long as we were able to "teach" the past, things were fine. Now that it is becoming very obvious that we need to prepare our students for their future, it is not so easy. Nonetheless, change we must. The world is not what it used to be and most businesses and industries are coming to grips with the difference. Education must also deal with this rapid change in the reality of the world. No longer can we teach about the past. We must prepare our students for their future.
It will be an interesting journey for us - to identify what we can use from the past to help us in the future. There are lessons, functions, and processes to be learned. Yet we must look into the future to help us identify what we need from the past to be successful in assisting our students to be capable in their future. These are difficult times, these are difficult decisions, yet our ability to address these issues is fundamental to our future success. Our children will inherit our world - will they be ready for the world they find?

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Karen Renee said...

Very interesting thoughts. I have not ever really thought about how we taught over the centuries, except theoretically of course. Thanks!