Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Character and Leadership

Dov Seidman wrote a book entitled, "Why How We Do Things Means Everything in Business and Life."  He makes the argument in the book that how you do things matters more than ever, because so many more people see how you do things and so many more are affected by how you do things.  That might be called character. How we do what we do, how we keep promises, how we make decisions, how things really happen in our organizations, how we connect and collaborate, how we engender trust, how we relate to our employees, our clients (students/parents), and to the communities in which we operate.... this is the character of our organization.
Today, in our very connected world, this issue of character is more important than ever.  Would the recent financial crisis have happened if the organizational leaders were in tune with the character of their organizations..... or was it just a case of failing to pay close enough attention?
As educational leaders we must not let these patterns dissuade us from our calling. We must be absolutely intentional in our approach to the character of our organizations.  Check out his web page:

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